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Bernic - Enclosure

Industrial- and electronic enclosure

DIN rail enclosures/module enclosures

This large and extensive range of enclosures may be used for a great variety of applications. For example in building services engineering and safety engineering as well as measuring-, control and regulation technology.

DIN rail enclosure series M1 LOW
6-Moduel-DIN rail enclosure 1050 LOW
DIN rail enclosure M36 series
DIN rail enclosure HS02-LP series
DIN rail enclosure HS02 series
Series 170
Series 175
Series 225
Serie 250
Series 350
Series 450 and 451
Series 500
Series 501
Series 503
Series 520
Series 525
Series 700
Series 1050
Series 1435
Series 1470
Series 1570
Series 2100
Series 4000
Series M22
DIN rail enclosure M4 - extra volume
DIN rail enclosure M6 - extra volume

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